Dance Photography

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I photograph dance  of all types and styles. I can capture an entire cast, or I  can keep my lens trained on a single dancer. 


Getting one or two good dance images can happen by luck -- if the person behind the camera is familiar with dance, and their equipment is sufficient for the shooting conditions, and the stage lighting is bright enough, and the action is not too close, and the dancers are not moving too fast, and the costumes provide sufficient contrast for focusing, and a dozen other variables prove favorable. 

Creating  hundreds of good dance images can't happen by luck. It requires years of practice, professional gear, and many hours of work.

I typically capture thousands of raw exposures during a concert, from which I produce hundreds of deliverable images. 


My images will capture the spirit of the choreography, and will do justice to the skills of the dancers. 

I will deliver gallery-quality images in almost any lighting conditions.

Images will be in sharp focus.

Images will show little or  no motion blur of the dancers' extremities.

Colors will be adjusted to make the most flattering images possible of the dancers, while keeping the flavor of the stage lighting.

Image noise (i.e., graininess, color speckling) will be minimal, and typically invisible in normal print and electronic media. 


Performances: $25 per image, with a minimum purchase of 20 images per hour of performance shooting time. 

In-studio (head shots, body shots) :  $450 per hour of shooting time, with delivery of 10 selected  images per hour of shooting. 

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