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I will preserve everything about your event -- the people, the venue, the ambiance, and the activities -- with an artistic eye and technical excellence.


I will come to your event very well prepared.  I will have met with you to understand the event's purpose,  guests, and timetable. I will have visited the venue, and will understand its sight lines, lighting, and perspectives. I will have prepared a fully redundant set of equipment, and will have double-checked every piece.

At the event, I will shoot nearly continuously. I will not take  meal breaks. I will do my best to be in the right places at the right times to get the greatest number of compelling images.

After the event, I will cull the raw captures. The keepers will be images which are technically excellent (including sharp focus and proper exposure) and have artistic/emotional value. Each and every image will be hand-crafted to achieve the highest possible image quality. 


You will receive a complete set of fully-optimized, full-resolution digital image files. You will have license to use them as you wish for your personal enjoyment, including social media and physical prints. 


$500 per hour of shooting time. 

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