Image Optimization is the process of correcting, enhancing, or changing visual properties of an image to achieve its best possible appearance. These properties include exposure (brightness), global contrast, local contrast, micro-contrast, white point, black point, white balance, color hue/luminance/saturation levels, noise reduction, sharpening, lens corrections, perspective corrections, and a host of considerations specific to the intended display medium.

Image Retouching is the process of making specific changes to the compositional elements of an image to achieve a desired aesthetic effect. Such changes can include removing unwanted elements, adding elements, changing the size/shape/texture of elements, and changing the color/brightness/contrast of elements. 


Years of experience allows me to optimize most  images with only general guidelines needed from the client:


$10 per image for optimization of overall exposure, color values, and tonality.

For custom  work (e.g., targeted adjustment of local areas,  retouching of compositional elements, skin smoothing) I will provide an estimate for your approval before work is done.

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